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Good employer brands will attract top talent

Nov 17, 2022 | News

Securing the top talent is tough but having a good employer brand could bring the perfect candidate direct to your door.

The recruitment market is saturated with companies looking to fill positions and people hunting for more than just a nine to five. Securing the top talent is tough but having a good employer brand could bring the perfect candidate direct to your door.

As the economy gets more challenging, recruiting top talent into a business will become increasingly more difficult. Candidates are wary of moving roles as the cost of living continues to bite and inflation increases, particularly if they are settled with their current employer.

At the same time, the Covid pandemic has given both employees and businesses more flexibility in how they want to work.

For firms looking to fill specific roles, this uncertainty will require them to work hard to find, engage and retain the true talent they need. The talent pool needs to be larger than it has been before and requires a more proactive approach – taking the role to a candidate as opposed to just posting a job ad and sifting through CVs.

Organisations are being forced to question what they are willing to offer and whether their recruitment process is focused on the long-term growth of the business or just about filling a position. There is a vast amount of choice and competition for individuals, so companies need to think more strategically about recruitment to stand out in the crowd. Most don’t have access to a recruitment specialist internally, so rely heavily on external recruiters, LinkedIn and the placement of job adverts.

This process, however, doesn’t necessarily generate the best results. Talentheads works differently, operating as an extension of a business and taking full accountability for strategy and recruitment – as the brand of the business.

It is far more than just firing over CVs. The Talentheads business model is not about volume, it focuses instead on partnering with firms with similar values and mindsets that are looking to grow through long-term recruitment strategies and processes.

There is also no traditional placement fee. As internal recruiters, Talentheads complements a business with experience and exposure to challenges and insight, from employer branding and talent mapping to attraction strategies and recruitment initiatives.

Business people looking to secure the right people with the right knowledge need to ask themselves what it is they want to stand for in the employment market and whether their approach to recruitment is more of a longerterm strategy rather than simply getting bums on seats.

Recruitment is all about looking after the current team within a business first, and then building on those strong and clear foundations. It takes time and capacity to increase the exposure of an ’employer brand’, but this will pay dividends by generating interest among those people that aren’t actively job hunting.

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