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20 October 2021 | 3 min read | Insight

How Partnerships strengthen your business

With a passion for partnerships and collaboration here are three tips for a good working relationship and how to make it work.

How Partnerships strengthen your businessHow Partnerships strengthen your business

Sam shares her expertise with business partner 360 Growth Partners.

Our passion is to the partner and collaborate with like-minded businesses, who share a growth mindset, having a true sense of purpose, and are passionate about growing their business, achieving their vision whilst harnessing the best out of their people to deliver performance and profits.

Three tips for a good working relationship with partners:

  1. Honesty – even if it’s not great news, it’s a partnership, so just say it as it is and come to a positive conclusion together. Keeping things from a partner is how that relationship can break down.
  2. Be ambassadors – promote their business with passion and make referrals. Even if I can’t help, I will introduce my network to people who can. This makes any relationship less transactional and builds a partnership based on trust.
  3. Get involved – mucking in every now and again; making the tea or supporting decision making from a different perspective outside your remit. A true partnership is a lot more than putting your two cents in then getting out. I love knowing everything about a business so I can advise on what I know and make introductions to people on things that I don’t.

    How can a true partnership strengthen a business?

    To give an example, one of my clients is Cooplands Bakery. I was brought in by the newly appointed people manager to support the internal recruitment team.

    My remit was to support her in-house to advise on what I thought was needed to grow the business in the way that they wanted to.

    Whilst there, I installed an applicant tracking system, I trained the team on how to recruit differently, I recruited people into the existing team and then trained them on the new people service. It was an extremely inclusive role and it was like I worked in-house at Cooplands – well I did two days a week!

    The people director trusts me and I trust her. We have clear objectives and understand what we each bring to the partnership and it worked really well. It was a great example of Talentheads completely merging with a client and working towards the same goal to deliver the results they wanted.

How can that partnership add strength to your business?

I learn lots through all the partnerships I have, as every business has a different challenge so every single company and person I work with teaches me something.

For me, it’s about finding out about how others work and what their challenges are, as well as their successes. Then I feel like my job is to share my experiences and add value to their individual circumstances. There is no cookie-cutter approach to the way we work.

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