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25 January 2022 | 2 min read | Insight

How to make the most of a New Year

Sam Spoors, Founder and recruitment director at Talentheads, loves the potential of a new year, even if business changes are small

How to make the most of a New YearHow to make the most of a New Year

In the environment we find ourselves in once again as we enter a new year, my main advice for everyone – both personal and professional – is to concentrate on the things we can control. Covid is continuing to want to be in our plans for 2022 – that is what it is – but we are in charge of how we react to it. Now’s the perfect time to think about what we can do to make this an opportunity to adapt our focus, or perhaps concentrate on something we’ve been contemplating on for a while.

At Talentheads, we’re focusing on launching our new service, Talentline, which supports businesses that want to grow but still need to be conscious of the current situation. We work with them to make sure everything is ready for when they are confident to hit the button again. I’m also mindful that the new year is not always a sprint and there is something really nice about taking stock and being able to move forward with a consistent, thought-through plan. While it can be tempting to throw yourself into plans headfirst, don’t start the year as an excitable bunny – you need consistent and level-headed energy to sustain you all year long.

There can be a lot of pressure to make a big statement surrounding a new year, but I think it’s best to be kind to yourself – even more so at the moment. Grand statements of ‘New Year, New Start’ are all well and good, but how about we all give ourselves a pat on the back for the progress we’ve made over the last year before looking at a measurable (and realistic) goal for 2022?

One thing I do want to concentrate on in 2022 is to keep nurturing the partnerships and relationships I’ve built up over the years: after all, we’re all in this together.

Above all, we need to believe in ourselves – we’ve got this. Businesses based on strong foundations and filled with the right people will continue to deliver whatever mission and goals they set themselves.”

Reminder for the year: be kind to yourself and others and don’t be afraid to try something new, in a new business landscape we are all learning how to navigate.

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