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28 August 2021 | 3 min read | Insight

Recruitment Myth Busting

Myth busting some of the common conceptions about the world of Recruitment.

Recruitment Myth BustingRecruitment Myth Busting

Recruitment is a transaction.

The common perception is that it’s just another task to do alongside other daily tasks. To be performed and ticked off the old ‘to do list’. When thinking this, please be mindful that recruitment is the first impression many individuals (talent and prospective customers) may gain about you and your business.

Also when recruiting to retain (as we all know how expensive it is to recruit and the impact a leaver can have on a business) care, consideration, planning and dedication is thoroughly required.

Prioritising, specialising and focussing can avoid the ‘sticky plaster approach’ which results in a short term solution - with minimum and very little impact on positive brand reputation, first impressions and the engagement of new starters.

Put an advert out and the candidates will come.

Unfortunately, again, if only it were that easy. We’d then not require the skills and experience of in-house or external Recruiters.

Talent is very often retained and nurtured by employers.

Yes, fabulous talent does and can decide to look for pastures new and perfect individuals can be faced with career changes (the current climate with the pandemic is a sad example of this) however, in lots of circumstances, we also want to see the talent who may not be looking on job boards.

Proactive searching, referrals, recommendations and having an appealing and engaging Employee proposition all take time, investment and dedication.

Finally, on this point, if you’re looking for a pink, fluffy unicorn and you put an advert out – would it come? If the role (or mythical creature) does not exist – no perfectly structured, engaging and precisely scripted advert will draw them in.

Adding ‘competitive’ as a salary increases the number of candidates you’ll receive.

I’ve bleated on about this loads recently.

When a candidate is searching for a role – they search on their salary expectations. ‘Competitive’ is not a number for an individual to compare their expectations to.

Also – what a waste of time for you and the candidate – if they are looking for more than your budget? What first impression does that leave with the candidate?

My final comment on this point is that of open and honesty. If you don’t share the salary as you ‘don’t want to upset someone internally’ – please consider having conversations with your teams on how they can reach milestones and also share that they can apply for the role should they believe they have the skills and experience for the position.

Anyone can recruit.

I’m coming off my soap box for this one and will only ask the following questions:

  • Would you ask a none experienced team member to do your financial planning or to look into your legal contracts for you? 
  • Someone to give your PR a ‘go’ or indeed someone to write your content for your website?

Recruitment is no different.

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