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20 October 2021 | 2 min read | Insight

Talentheads - A value add to the Recruitment Industry

Changing the way recruitment is perceived in Industry leaves long term value to recruitment as a whole.

Talentheads - A value add to the Recruitment IndustryTalentheads - A value add to the Recruitment Industry

Talentheads work as an in-house talent and resourcing team working with businesses on long-term, sustainable strategies to help them take control of the recruitment process.

There is a difficulty in the industry, in some ways, the old way of working – recruiting role by role and recruiting reactively – was just adding no long-term benefit to the business.

Here at Talentheads, using all of my years of experience we are doing things differently. We are adding value to businesses we partner with.

We go into a business and the owner and senior stakeholders can see what we’re doing, and we’ll work closely together. We don’t work on a ‘role filled’ basis; we work on a day rate model, which works out much more cost-effective and easier to forecast for businesses.

We undertake lots of coaching and developing work to help them understand what their proposition is and what kind of talent they’re looking for.

In this way, we’re the resource to help them while they are growing, giving them long-term strategies they can take with them for whenever they need to recruit in the future.

We work with businesses who are really looking to develop and change their current recruitment model and processes.

By sitting at the main table with business owners and senior stakeholders, and taking responsibility for acquiring talent into a business, to see it truly grow is where our passions lie.

We leave a business with long term tips and tools to build there skills in the long term.

Changing the way recruitment is managed leaves long term value to the Industry.

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