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13 September 2021 | 4 min read | Insight

The need for a strong recruitment team when the going gets tough…

What to do when you no longer have a dedicated internal recruiter for your business.

The need for a strong recruitment team when the going gets tough…The need for a strong recruitment team when the going gets tough…

As we all saw at the beginning of the pandemic, one of the first professions to be affected was that of Recruitment. Some fabulously skilled and experienced Recruiters returned to their family’s after progressive and highly successful careers both internally and in the Recruitment Agency world.

As the weeks have turned into months and now the months are heading quickly to the end of the year, I worry about businesses who are not yet thinking about where and how they will recruit the very best talent without a dedicated expert.

Please don’t get me wrong, any good Recruiter (or indeed professional) will whole-heartedly understand the impact the current climate has had on a business and the priorities and very difficult decisions businesses that have made up and down the country – however, there does need to be a point where the reflection period is over and the ‘new’ future is upon us.

So this is where the Talent Acquisition Partner or Recruiter comes back into play.

My journey…

I stumbled into Recruitment.

I graduated University thinking I wanted to be a teacher. I loved the ‘People’ aspect of my combined degree and found that the subject - Sociology - really floated my boat. The hidden propaganda, the history, the studies and the overall different perspectives of people in differing circumstances in varying cultures, with diverse backgrounds really blew my mind.

I decided not to go into schools but to go into the Community and that’s when I started my first ‘proper job’ at Sunderland Social Services. Ambitious and still hungry to progress, I later stumbled into a Health Care Recruitment Agency to register for new roles and… the rest is history.

11 years in some fabulous Recruitment businesses, my CIPD studies and 5 years in-house for an extremely dynamic and progressive UK based business – have made me into a resilient Senior Strategic Recruitment professional who is able to work with senior teams to ensure their Talent Acquisition strategy aligns to the business mission, strategy and goals.

Like others in the profession, I have travelled, worked extremely long hours and have given every last breath to Hiring Managers, stakeholders and candidates.

So what now for the ‘new world’ Recruiter?

With many businesses with no, light or ‘lighter’ internal Recruitment resource, the following is a definite consideration –

1. The revised services and products for a business – where will the talent to deliver this come from?

2. If still able to recruit (there are unfortunately too many talented individuals currently on the market) – what about long-term engagement, the onboarding process and retention strategies?

3. What if, when stability is finally restored and people leave to pursue what they really wanted (but the current climate could not give them) where will the backfill come from?

4. Where is the long term talent bank to continuously promote the brand, support the reduction of time to fill and reduce the recruitment costs required for a standing start for each new future role?

5. What if current or future talent is being missed right now? None or very little dedicated resource may result in less effective attraction, assessment and selection – along with limited Hiring Manager support – leaving an ideal individual unable to engage, shine or gain the opportunity to join their perfect business.

6. How can a business truly grow, pivot or adapt without the right people? And what is the price in not getting it right first time and with a long term strategy in mind?

All the above are elements an experienced internal Recruiter will take full accountability for. They will promote and manage your brand, they will share your USP, allow you to attract and select the right individuals with the skills, values and behaviours – and most importantly ensure you retain the experience, the investment and loyalty for the future.

And what if that resource could be flexible while tackling the current times and challenges? Well, we can provide you with that.

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