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New beginnings at Talentheads as growth continues with second office

Apr 5, 2024 | News

Talent acquisition and development firm Talentheads was launched from a kitchen table in Morpeth during the pandemic. Now the award-winning company’s founder, Sam Spoors, discusses expanding into County Durham – and how that’s good news for businesses south of the Tyne.

Spring is here – and that means new beginnings.

And at Talentheads, we have a new beginning of our own – a second office in County Durham.

When I launched this company from my kitchen table at the height of the pandemic, my five-year goal was to eventually expand south of the river.

I knew there was a market, and I’ve always believed that Talentheads’ unique approach to recruitment and talent development would work anywhere.

Nobody recruits and develops talent like we do.

Unlike firms who adopt a transactional approach to recruitment, we look beyond CVs and seat-filling.

Our team embed themselves within your business, learning your ethos whilst sourcing staff who share your values.

That means lower staff turnover and recruits who want to grow with your business.

And we don’t stop once your new hires sign on the dotted line. We attract, build and develop talent, through our Talent Success Cycle, building your team through learning, development and/or coaching whilst implementing strategies to enable your team to support your growth.

Our innovative approach has disrupted the industry, resulted in year-on-year growth and – most importantly – our clients love it.

That’s allowed us to grow faster than we’d ever hoped – and we couldn’t be more excited with our new space.

And it was time for it.

Our ever-expanding client base meant we were increasingly in the area and we wanted to be closer to our strong network of ambassadors and the Durham business community.

So, we opted for Pity Me. Why? Because it felt like home.

Morpeth was where I launched Talentheads and that’s where we are still headquartered, but Pity Me mirrors it in many ways – whilst widening our talentpool even further.

It also means we’ve done some recruitment ourselves.

Lead Talent Partner Gareth Jones will head up the Durham office with a focus on growing our client base.

We hope the location will also unlock new business opportunities further south.

The sky’s the limit for Talentheads, as we passionately believe our pioneering approach to recruitment and talent development can become the sector’s gold standard.

Our expert team has 150 years of combined industry experience. They know recruitment, learning and development and talent success – and how to do it well.

Our unique Talent Success Cycle is at the core of our business, and consists of four key parts: Talent strategy, recruitment, learning and development, and coaching.

Our Talent Success Cycle encompasses every stage within recruitment and learning and development, which we know works best when we sit side-by-side with clients, taking a more hands-on approach as well as a seat at the leadership table.

Our approach is tailored, research-based and values-focused.

Our values are our foundation and act as a launchpad for the growth which has made this second office necessary.

We believe in community; local jobs for local people, and to help create a thriving, connected society.

Our bravery is demonstrated by our trailblazing approach to recruitment, which is disrupting what had become a lethargic industry, giving the sector a shot in the arm which we hope can – long- term – improve the stereotypes around recruitment.

We also believe in creating a legacy, be it by playing our part to ensure a more sustainable future or by re-shaping recruitment.

And we genuinely care. That’s why last year we launched our ‘More than a Number’ campaign aimed at ending the numbers-based approach to recruitment that’s sadly become normalised over the years.

So, whilst other businesses may have lost sight of what matters, community and people are at the heart of our business.

At Talentheads, we know that matching people up with the right – or wrong job – shapes lives immeasurably.

Its the Talentheads way – our unique approach allows businesses to dial up and dial down any of our services. We are experts in helping growing businesses navigate their way to talent success.

We do everything to ensure to ensure both parties find the perfect match.

And we know we’ve found our perfect match with our new Durham base, which should open around Easter.

It is a major milestone. Having started at that kitchen table during lockdown, Talentheads has grown from a team of four into an award-winning, multi-site business with an international client base.

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