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Recruitment and dating…similar?

Jun 22, 2022 | News

Attracting and retaining talent for the future, what you need to know.

A previous colleague of mine used to open every interview with the words ‘recruitment is like dating…you both need to be interested to get to second base’ and never has that been truer than now.

The last few years has allowed individuals to come off the hamster wheel and to think about what work really means (and needs to be) to them. Many people have become less focused on the pay check and now look for the match for happiness and have the long term in mind.

That sounds similar to dating, doesn’t it? Let’s explore this further…

  1. You need to put your best foot forward to engage – your advert, your social media channels, and your content – even your choice of images will allow a prospective candidate to decide if they want to press that ‘interested’ button
  2. First impressions count! – How you respond to a candidate enquiry, how you thank someone for their application, and how you interview someone all build a picture for a candidate to decide if they are still interested or not. This perception will be carried into their employee status and will ultimately impact how long they stay and how bought in they feel
  3. It’s all about values – for long term happiness individuals seek businesses (and indeed partners) who have similar value systems .Knitted into every part of your recruitment process; sharing the values of your business will allow people with the same view point to feel a connection and allow you to stand out for something deeper than how much they will earn
  4. It’s two-way – the market is competitive, and candidate led. Talent now chooses you -opposed to you as the employer – having a huge choice over talent. The word ‘ghosting’ is now prevalent in recruitment (as in dating) when candidates just go silent. Candidates can (and do!) walk away if they don’t feel communicated to, valued, or appreciated.

There are more similarities between looking for your next team member and a future partner than you would firstly expect. When recruiting keep this in mind. Looking for your ideal team member -with matching values and long-term ambitions – will allow your team to be engaged and increase retention. From a candidate’s perspective; knowing everything about you as a business, and being able to connect, will allow them to choose you over your competitors or any other business looking for their skills and experience.

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