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Seasonal Greetings….Want a new job? Right time?

Dec 13, 2022 | News

With the challenging war over talent continuing and the beginning of a new year upon us – what happens to recruitment and building our teams over the festive period?

Historically, recruiting during the kids summer holidays and around the Christmas break has been for very many of us the time to take down adverts and to wait until the focus on business returns. However, as we all know – ‘historically’ is a thing of the past (literally!)

So let’s explore together the reasons why pressing the pause button on recruitment over the festive period is the right option for businesses still looking to expand their workforce –

1. Candidates focus turns to family and the time for rest and resetting.

2. Any business in hospitality knows that this period is one of their busiest and therefore talent is working – knee deep in extra shifts and longer hours.

3. Fewer businesses recruit drawing fewer candidates to the job boards.

However, what about the positives for recruiting over the festive and New Year period –

1. Many candidates have time to come off the ‘tools’ with annual leave booked in, resulting in more time to search for their next position.

2. ‘New Year, new me’ – this still exists! The end of the year is a new start for those who are fed up so they to jump onto careers pages and social media job sites while they have time from the comfort of their homes is a real possibility.

3. Fewer businesses recruiting at this time can only be a good thing – less competition!

Therefore, go into this time of year with your eyes fully open to the traditions and possibly of the ‘quieter’ talent market but also look at the opportunities.

Get your proposition right – use it as an opportunity to sell your values, your journey, the competitiveness and uniqueness of your benefits, role and business to wow those candidates who have made the commitment to look for a new role.

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