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Supporting TREK and Eva

Feb 6, 2024 | News

We were approached by Eva Clarke, a student at KEVI school in Morpeth who has been given and amazing opportunity to do TREK with her school. Talentheads are sponsoring Eva so she can go and make a difference in the community, be brave, and leave a legacy.

We sat with Eva to have a chat about what TREK is and what the sponsorship means to her:

What is TREK?

“It is with M10, a Christian organisation group in collaboration with Youth With Admission. It is a 10 day trip to Ensenada, Mexico. In this part of Mexico there are a lot of people who are living in poor conditions. A lot of them don’t have houses, or their houses aren’t properly built meaning they are built with scrap metal and other found materials. Our mission whilst we are there is to build a house for a family. It’s not a quick fix operation, it’s a long-standing mission. We are also going to youth and adult centres, daycare sites and dump sites to help out. We will be making a small impact, but a small impact is better than nothing.”

What made you want to do TREK?

“Obviously the main reason we are going is for the improvement of the area and to make a difference to the people there, but it will also be massively important for us and contribute to our understanding of poverty awareness and awareness of things that are happening in different countries.”

What does the sponsorship from Talentheads mean to you?

“I’m doing a variety of sponsorship activities but the price of the full trip, excluding vaccinations is £3k, and all of that money goes directly towards the cause to get project materials. The sponsorship is directly helping the cause and it also makes me feel really supported, it’s representative of helping the community and being supportive towards such an important cause.”

Good luck Eva and everyone else who is getting involved with TREK this year, you’re all doing an amazing thing and we are so happy to be a part of it.

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