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Taking recruitment beyond the initial hire

Feb 16, 2024 | News

Laura Barker, Head of Talent Development at recruitment firm Talentheads, explains why developing your talent helps your business reach its full potential and why investment into recruiting doesn’t just end at the initial hire!

For many involved in recruitment, the belief is once you have hired your candidate it ends there (most recruitment businesses end there too). We think that’s nonsense.

At Talentheads, getting those key hires through your door is only the start of what we provide – and what a good recruitment firm should do.

Because it isn’t just about filling a vacancy.

Yes, you want these roles filled. But you want to ensure these team members not only fit with your business, but they will flourish and develop with you for the long term, growing with you and your business.

And that’s where Talentheads dramatically differs.

We strongly believe in the idea that the greatest results come from investing in the Talent Success Cycle.

Basically, this is a full cycle approach – and having carefully matched up 500 individuals with new positions since 2021, we know that it works.

It starts with our unique approach to your growth; Talentheads’ USP is that we embed ourselves within your business to learn and understand your firm’s culture so that by the end, we know your business inside out.

That enables us to select people who match your business’ values and ethos. In theory (and as we’ve discovered, in practice) this leads to attracting your ideal candidates, hiring the right talent for your business, those who want to be part of your business and stay for the long-term, who focus on the success of your business.

But that final part is pivotal to the Talent Success Cycle, your employees develop within your business. As your talent moves through your organisation, becoming the leaders and hiring managers of the future, new talent enters and the cycle begins again.

Our unique model means we use our expertise and experience to elevate your learning and development strategy. Leading and supporting on development and training, growing and coaching your staff and freeing you up to grow your business.

It is a streamlined approach, focussing on the success and development of your people with flexibility around the needs of your business, saving you time, money and energy as you have the internal team already in your business providing the full talent cycle.

With everything in-house, you have no need to look for further provision.

We can do it because of our model – we are already in your business so who better to help grow your staff?

We know your business’ strategy. We know where the skill gaps are. And we know where future roles may arise.

By developing your team and possessing a unique insight into your business, our joined-up approach helps to futureproof your firm, helping all of your team reach their full potential.

Through your talent developing and moving up and through your business, we are here to continue to build your team.

If a vacancy arises then the cycle begins and we are here to attract your next employee, we have your succession plans in place with either an internally developed team member or from your external talent bank.

That can be enormous for your business, especially as many of the growing number of firms utilising Talentheads are also fast-growing themselves.

With your plans in place, and your strategy, recruitment, training and coaching taken care of, then there are no issues if a vacancy arises. There are no extra costs or unsettled team!

Removing the issues of re-recruiting and training a replacement leaving your business vulnerable and unable to work at capacity – Talentheads are here, building your successful team with no impact on your business.

Embracing the whole Talent Success Cycle model, those concerns can be firmly banished.

Not only does it create that much-needed depth in house but ultimately, Talentheads’ model is about recruitment and development, so once you’ve got your new hires through the door, our job is to ensure they reach their full potential and grow, along with you and your business.

The beauty of the Talent Success Cycle is its flexibility around the needs of your business. If your recruitment needs to increase, you dial up that area, if the need is lower you can then dial up in another area…strategy, training and/ or coaching! It provides the flexibility to fit with your business growth!

We already know they fit your ethos – but we pride ourselves in coaching and guiding them so that they see a clear career path within your firm.

We make them feel engaged. We make them feel invested in. And we make the process easier – for everyone.

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