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Talentheads & Alzheimer’s Research UK

Sep 2, 2022 | News

Developing our Corporate Social Responsibility plans we are very pleased to announce that we are partnering with Alzheimer’s Research UK!

Here at Talentheads we not only partner with our clients in supporting their recruitment needs we also continue to develop our principles at Talentheads!

Since we began, we always consider our why and what we do, in amongst this social responsibility is always at the forefront – as you know we are a passionate collective here at Talentheads and recently we have been focussing on our Corporate Social Responsibility plans.

CSR is open to the interpretation of individual businesses; it can be generally defined as a rough series of ethical principles.

There is no defined list of things a business “must” do to be socially responsible – the only prerequisite is that it’s a genuine cause the business believes in.

As you know at the beginning of the year,we launched our Values:

Community, Brave, Legacy andwe have been searching for a charity to partner with who match these.

We are very pleased to announce that we are partnering with Alzheimer’s Research UK!

Alzheimer’s Research UK is a natural fit to Talentheads, our values and their legacy, it is also important personally to most of the team; we wanted to ensure we support a charity that we care and are passionate about!

It is exciting times ahead as we forge our partnership and begin our journey together. Here at Talentheads our CSR aims to encourage and improve the lives and situations of as many people as possible matching our community and legacy values.

Take a look at the video where Lesley and Sara discuss why we have partnered, more about Alzheimer’s Research UK and the exciting fundraising challenges and adventures we are about to embark on!!

The first of these is attending Alzheimer’s Research UK Ladies Day on 30th September 2022!

Sara and Lesley will continue to share our updates through our vblog and Talentheads newsletter – stay tuned for much more!!

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