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The Talentheads Way

Through our tried and tested approach, we get right in and understand your business. We map the connections between people, values, culture, skills, your people strategy and business growth aspirations to make informed and impactful recommendations around growing and retaining your talent

Recruitment is just part of the journey, becoming your internal recruitment team; we identify and engage with candidates as your brand – providing the first impressions required to hire those with the culture fit, values, skills and experience required to grow your business.  We delve into untapped talent pools, we proactively search along with promoting your Employer brand – managing the full candidate journey along the way.

Along with our recruitment service, we seek to understand how to best develop and retain those new hires along with your existing team. 

We support in the design and then the delivery of talent development programmes including leadership and development and coaching.

Focusing on talent success, engagement and retention – delivering a fully invested team with a talent strategy fit for purpose for years to come. 

Our connected approach to talent provides strategic outputs from attraction strategies, company values, EVP, employer brand, developing and redeploying employees, internal mobility opportunities, workforce planning, succession planning, and providing clear routes to progression for team members.

And are you looking to invest the savings from using recruitment agencies into the development and upskilling of your team?

Say goodbye to the stereotype and hello to your in-house recruitment and talent development specialists!

As the internal recruitment and talent development team for growing businesses, with four key services integral to building talent success in your business: Talent Strategy, Recruitment, Learning & Development and Coaching;

Talentheads are a very different Talent offering.

Why recruit if you don’t retain those skills and culture fit?

Isn’t it about time you thought of Talentheads?

Talent isn’t just about statistics – it’s about people!

Across the recruitment industry, firms have lost their purpose: people are hired to put bums on seats, to fill vacant roles, and to make recruitment fees with little concern for what’s right and long term for both parties.

We’re missing the impact employment and development can have on a person’s life, their family’s lives, and the wider community.

We’re on a mission to reduce the number of failed hires, impact lives and communities and promote that people are more than just a number.

We are powered by people – they are more than a number!

We believe businesses have the power to shape lives!

Together we can make a difference in our communities and unlock our people’s potential!


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