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The need to sell when recruiting is more important now than ever.

Jun 22, 2022 | News

It’s tough out there when searching for your new team members in a candidate led market!

As we all know, it’s tough out there when searching for your new team members. The market is super competitive, it’s expensive to recruit, and good candidates are gone in the blink of an eye. So why do we need to ‘sell’ to stand out and what types of things will help us sell our opportunity over our competitors who are also recruiting?

Here are some Talentheads tips to consider when putting together your advert to hook and pull that ideal individual in –

  1. Ask your current team. There is no better way to understand what will catch a prospective employees eye than to ask the team who have already been courted and have chosen to join you over anyone else.

    Consider what appealed to them about your job opportunity over your competitors. What stood out to them? What should you be telling people about working in your business? Also ask where they were looking when they were job searching – this will support you in your decision making on where to spend your advertising budget.
  1. Explore your Employee Value Proposition and what you want to be known for. Do you have amazing company values or are you on an exciting growth path? Do you offer stability as people stay for years or have you a development programme better than your competitors? Nail your company approach to remuneration, benefits, work, career, and culture – and you’ll know clearly what you offer and what you stand for.
  2. Get into the mindset of your ideal candidate. If you think like the person you’re recruiting you will be able to write an advert that speaks to them directly – rather than to a general mass of many irrelevant job seekers.
    Think of the demographics, qualifications, and goals and interests of the individual you’re seeking and use these to write the advert in a way which screams ‘this role is for me!’

Remember that as the struggle for talent continues it’s important to look at your business and the opportunity before going out to market so you hit the job boards and social media with something meaningful.

Afterall, do any of us really believe that a general job description posted into an advert template is going to work?

To find out more about standing out in a candidate led market, give us a shout

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