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Hello, we’re

your in-house recruitment strategists

We’ve got a hunger for business growth (and biscuits). Not placement fees. Say goodbye to the stereotype and hello to your in-house talent and recruitment specialists.

Working at the table

Attracting and retaining the right talent for your business is tricky. No one’s denying it. The market is competitive. A culture and company fit is hard to find. And quite frankly, there aren’t enough hours in the day. But that’s where we come in.

How we work

Hiring and retaining the right talent for your business doesn’t just happen by crossing your fingers.

If only it were that simple. In reality, talent strategy has to be ingrained in your business at board level. And aligned with your company goals.

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    We're strategic thinkers and talent advisors

    We start by getting to know your company inside-out. Only then can we help to align your talent strategy to your business goals

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    If you enjoy paying placement fees, that's not what we're about

    Our no placement fees policy means the only thing you'll waste money on is those bean bags nobody uses

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    Our packages are on your terms. Based on your needs

    Let's face it, even 'one size fits all' T-shirts never actually fit everyone. That's why our payment options are flexible and our packages are always bespoke

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    This is long-term talent strategy. Not short-term space-filling

    We think the only short-term fixes worth having in the workplace involve snacks and caffeine. When it comes to tour business, we invest in the future

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    We love to take accountability and give you committment

    We're not a fleeting, faceless, corporation. We're fully committed to your business. Working as part of your brand on-site to strategically recruit and retain talent

What our clients say

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    Talentheads have had a huge impact on the business. They have managed to change our once cynical attitude towards recruitment into a positive experience, injecting new energy and enthusiasm with a totally fresh approach.

    Ben Tansey, Director, re:heat

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    Talentheads provided the benefit of their experience paired with a huge enthusiasm to get under the skin of our company, making strategic recommendations that are highly relevant and impact focussed.

    Lucy Harber, Head of HR & Operations, Saggezza

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    Talentheads saved us valuable time narrowing down candidates to a very high quality shortlist and ultimately to the successful final candidate. The quality of candidates was extremely high, I highly recommend using Talentheads.

    Brendan Regan, Head of Finance, Reeves Independent

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If you’re ready to empower your business through your people, give us a call. Or lure us in with biscuits. Either way, we’d love to chat.